Win Pack Machinery Carton Stripper Manufacturer, Supplier

This machine is win pack machinery Carton stripper wpa cs5

Win Pack Machinery Carton Stripper Manufacturer

Product Details:

Features: 1. High speed rotating studded chain strips the sheets exterior trim.
2. Cover protect device prevents damage to the sheets and arrange the sheets in regular. Ensure the safety for operator as well.
3. Apply pneumatic motor to drives the chain with high speed to substitute for the manual.
4. Removed the stack of 400 sheets high in one second, performing instant stripping result.
5. Lower the personal expense and time waste substantially. Ensure the carton quality and stability.
6. Durable chain design with high hardness, strength and toughness.
7. Portable design economize on labor expend and easy to operate.



Material Cardboard   and  Corrugated Board
Rotating  Chain  Speed MAX.  4.2  m/sec.
Max.  Stripping  Range Sheets under 250mm length, present excellent stripping performance. 
Sheets between 250 to 450 mm long depend on the depth and shape of sheets.
Width  of  chains 20 mm ( for WPA CS5 )
10 mm ( for WPA CS3 )
Air  Supply  Requirement 6  kg / c㎡     (  6 BAR  )
Dimension 230 (W)  x  470 (L)  x  210 (H) mm
Net  Weight 4  kg