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Product Details:

Technology Description
1.Equipped with wireless remote control for easy operation and high mobility.
2. Independent top drive.
3. Large full color stacking monitor / CCD system and touch screen setting monitor, for easy problem solving.
4. Individually adjustable feeding belts with suction device.
5. Unique feeder gate forward / backward adjustment and pneumatic feeder gate lifting device.
6. Motorized carriers positioning adjustment with indicators on all carriers,
    to ensure easy and quick change carrier position.
7. PLC program control system with top drive upper belt carrier system,
    suitable for cardboard, E, B flute corrugated boxes, such lock bottom boxes,
    double wall boxes and standard straight line boxes production, 4 corner/6 corner lock bottom folding.
8. Heavy duty inverter for main motor and driving system use high strength low noise
Model KWFG-650FC KWFG-800FC/1100FC KWFG-1100FCV
For Sheet Type Cardboard (≥200gsm). Flute E , B Corrugated and Decorated Board
Folding Capability Standard Folding Boxes, Double Sides Boxes, Lock Bottom Boxes
Max Machine Speed Max.250-300m/min
Pre-folding No.1 Crease 180, No. 3 Crease 135
Feeding Belt Type Automatic Continuous Feeding
Glue Type  (For Glue Pot) Water Based Glue
Max Folding Width 650mm 800mm 1000mm
Power Required 7.5kw
Total Weight 3800kg 5800kg 7800kg