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Product Details:

JFW series auto flute laminating machine made by Kai Way is a new generation of high precise flute laminating machine combined features of similar machines home and abroad. Automatic cardboard and flute feeding system is suitable for cardboard laminated with cardboard, cardboard laminated with flute board (Flute A,B,C,E,F). It is ideal equipment for manufacturing high class colored packaging box.

Standard Equipments:
1. Auto Feeder for Cardboard
2. Auto Feeder for Flute
3. Laminating Unit
4. Pressure Conveyor Unit
5. Delivery Board
6. Auto Control

Technology Description
Standard Equipments
1. Auto Feeder for Cardboard
» Linear slippery guide system for suction head movement feeding sheet smoothly and not easily worn.
» Improved sucking head with 6 cross and vertical suckers feed cardboard more smoothly.
» Automatic sensitive mechanical and electrical double sheets detector inspect double, multi and mis-sheet abnormality effectively.
» Safety system uses cam feeding wheel improve working efficiency and feeding precisely.

2. Auto Feeder for Flute
» Strong suck air motor suck flute board which feed by sucking hole belt.
» Electromagnetic brake guarantee sheet feeding smoothly and precisely.
» Excellent design guarantee that Flue A, B, C, E, F, three and five layers of corrugated board, think board feed smoothly.
» Cardboard and flute feeding adopts synchronous photocell control technology ensure the cardboard and flute board not missing position.
» LED digital display counter automatically shows exact production quantity.

3. Laminating Unit
» Speed adjust by invertors and PLC centralized control are easy to operate and ensure the laminating registration accuracy within +1.5mm.
» Improved sucking head with 6 cross and vertical suckers feed cardboard more smoothly.
» When machine running and laminating at high speed, it do not need to stop and Japan phase adjusting registration continuously adjust and compensate laminating registration difference to improve working efficiency. .
» Fully automatic glue supply system has liquid level detector to monitor glue consumption and supply glue continuously.
» Recycling glue supply system greatly lowers glue waste.
» It is suitable for five layers and cardboard to cardboard.
» Sheet-in roller (anti-slippery belt) is suitable for cardboard laminated with cardboard.

4. Pressure Conveyor Unit
» Upper and lower wide track belt ensure press evenly.
» Pressing roller is adjusted easily front and back. Hanging hammer is easy for operation.
» Pressure conveyor speed adjust by invertors ensure coated board laminated exactly.

5. Auto Control
» Motor speed is adjusted by invertors, safe and reliable.
» PLC control for whole machine is easy operation and maintenance.
» All electronic parts imported from Japan or Taiwan ensures sensitivity and stability of control system for whole machine.
Model JFW-1300 JFW-1450 JFW-1450S JFW-1600 JFW-1650
Max. Sheet Size 1100×1300mm 1100×1450mm 1450×1450mm 1450×1600mm 1450×1650mm
Min. Sheet Size 350×500mm 500×500mm
Max. Working Width 1300mm 1450mm 1600mm 1650mm
Cardboard Thickness 200-600gsm
Production Speed 5-100sheets/min (Depending on sheet weight, size and quality)
Power Required 12.3kw 13.4kw 13.8kw 15.9kw 16.5kw
Dimensions(L×W×H) 12530×2360×2800mm 12750×2750×2800mm 12750×2750×2800mm 14800×2900×3000mm 15030×2900×3000mm
Machine Weight 5500kg 6300kg 6800kg 7600kg 7900kg